Crummy Adult App - Release note version 1.2

Crummy Adult App – 1.2 Minor Update Change Log

Hello everyone,

Today we release the third update of Crummy with version name 1.2.
This update is considered as minor (i will make a clarification about our we manage update), but got very cool improvement !

User interface

We change the main interface of the application, by changing the bottom navigation and make it look Instagram like.
You will now see the duration and category of each videos displayed in list.
Color harmonization has been made for different element.

Better navigation between each menu

Modification on bottom navigation doesn’t only impact is style ! Now when you navigate into different section of the app, the state of the last showed menu will remain the same. Never loose what you was doing before 😉

How we manage future update

In 1.2 version we introduce minor update and major update.
Each time we put online a new version of Crummy, the first or second segment of the version name is increased. First segment increment mean, its a major update, and second segment increment mean minor update.

What is the difference ?

When a major update is online, you MUST update the app, or it will not work anymore.
When a minor update is online, you CAN optionally update the app.

Once a major update is available, you are alerted in the application.

Small fixes

  • Signing and signup error treatment is more clear


We hope you’ll enjoy this small add until our next major update.

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